There has never been better cow snatcher at MooPower Industries than Goobert. He holds the highly coveted cow snatching world record. On planet Gootopia, he is a legend, an icon, a true goo-getter. Many goocades ago, Gootopian’s found a way to harness great power from a foul smelling earth creature known as the cow. Lately, power demand has been at an all-time high on Gootopia and with the recent outbreak of SCB (spontaneously combusting bovine) that has plagued the planet, MooPower Industries is finding it hard to meet that demand. It’s up to Goobert to travel the vast universe to the tiny green planet called Earth and abduct as many of these smelly creatures that he can before Gootopia’s power reserves run dry.



The player starts the level next to the ship. You must navigate the level in a search for the cow. There are goo-like objects scattered throughout the map that when you touch, they stick to you, which in turn increase your size. The player can also use these goo-like objects as ammo to shoot and stun enemies. There is an ideal size that will need to be reached for larger objects (such as cows) to stick to you, so be sure not to shoot too many or you will find yourself having to retrieve them. Players will face enemies, trapped doors, triggers, locks and keys and other puzzle elements. Once the player grabs the cow, simply drag it back to the ship to complete the level. Players will be scored on timeliness and bonus objectives, such as saving fallen stars.


Platform: iOS, Android, PC, Mac & anything else we can port it to

Genre: action/arcade/puzzler

Engine: DT2

Release Date: Early 2014