Happy Holidays from SGC!

We are working hard at finishing the levels.  We’ll have a full update soon!


Gooliens – Dev Blog Update 4

It’s been a while since our last update.  Between the holiday and family visitations, I have been working away at level design.  Today’s video demonstrates a new level using some of those new assets.  Tod is busy working on the hud, menu and scoring system.  We will be demonstrating those in an upcoming blog update.  Be sure to signup for our news updates/RSS feed.  Enjoy…

Gooliens – Dev Blog Update 3

This week’s update demonstrates the energy cannon and lightning bug enemy.  Be sure to subscribe to our email updates and follow us on twitter to stay up to date on Gooliens development.

Gooliens – Dev Blog Update 2

This week we are showing some of the new assets which include a range of buttons and mechanical objects.

Gooliens – Dev Blog Update 1

Hello everyone!  Today’s video demonstrates some of what it takes to create a level as well as introducing the DT2 level editor.  Going forward, I’ll start adding audio commentary to all my blog videos.  If you have questions, don’t hesitate to ask.  Leave a comment or send an email to ddrew@somegame.co

Making a Key and Locked Door – DT2 Level Editor

A video showing the level editor in action.  Enjoy…

Blogs away!

Welcome to our dev blog. For information on who we are, please check out the about page.

My goal is to post weekly updates showing our progression throughout the game’s development cycle, as well as some lessons learned. For those of you interested in game development, I’ll be including a lot of behind the scenes video and pictures as well.

For our first post, I’m going to give a basic introduction to our current game, Gooliens. The premise of the game is fairly simple. You’re an alien on a mission to abduct cows. The player will navigate through levels, battling enemies and collecting goo pieces all in the pursuit of the prized cow. Once the player obtains the cow, they must take it back to the ship to complete the level. Players will be scored on time as well as rescuing fallen stars for a bonus. The game will also feature online rankings for those with an itch to compete. Initial release will be for the iOS and Android, shortly followed by Windows and MacOS (maybe even Linux?).

The amazing engine that powers our game is DT2. Tod has been developing this tech for well over a decade now. It has been used throughout the years for all of our projects, as well as many released products. You can learn more about it at www.smellslikedonkey.com.

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